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SoftCo Storlife CAS Solution Benefits

  • SoftCo Storlife: Simplified, Secure and Scalable Content Storage

Lower Cost of Ownership

SoftCo Storlife is an affordable Content Addressed Storage (CAS) solution that delivers a lower cost of ownership than optical disk and tape drive storage systems. Combining low-cost magnetic disk storage with WORM (Write Once Read Many), SoftCo Storlife provides for the long-term storage and protection of important information without the headaches and overhead costs associated with maintaining mechanical optical jukeboxes.


SoftCo Storlife is a software-based storage technology that operates independently of its attached magnetic disk storage devices. Based on a RAIN (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Nodes) architecture SoftCo Storlife can use any Windows addressable storage device contained within a RAID, SAN, NAS or iSCSI storage infrastructure and is not tied to any specific storage hardware technology or vendor.

Single Instance Storage

SoftCo Storlife Single Instance Storage (SIS) avoids unnecessary duplication of content to improve storage efficiency and optimise capacity utilisation. SoftCo Storlife stores content and documents only once and recognises when another user or application is trying to store the same content.

Maximise Available Storage Capacity

SoftCo Storlife has no hard or upper limits on the number of content addresses that can be stored. Unlike other CAS systems, where hard limits on the number of objects stored can be reached before all the available capacity is utilised, SoftCo Storlife does not waste a single byte of available storage capacity and is optimised to store both large files and high volumes of small objects.

High Performance

SoftCo Storlife is based on a multi-threaded architecture that delivers significantly higher throughput storage rates over other CAS solutions. SoftCo Storlife's extensive use of database partitioning allows for efficiently dealing with large volumes of data objects and provides higher throughput on small file sizes.

Content Authenticity & Verification

Using digital fingerprints generated by an MD5 or SHA1 hashing algorithm, FIPS-197 (AES) encryption while storing and transmitting confidential information and running scheduled verification processes, SoftCo Storlife guarantees content authenticity and integrity to meet corporate governance and compliance requirements.

Scalable Resilient Architecture

SoftCo Storlife is built on grid computing and RAID storage architectures to deliver a highly scalable system. With a choice of deployment architectures, System Administrators can choose the appropriate level of performance, scalability and resilience using configuration options such as network load balanced active/active servers, replicated servers, multiple or parallel servers to ensure no single point of failure and provide for automatic fail-over.

Server & Storage Virtualisation

SoftCo Storlife is highly suited to server virtualisation as it operates on industry standard 32-bit and 64-bit Wintel Servers running VM Ware. SoftCo Storlife allows Storage Administrators to pool physical storage from multiple network devices into what appears to be a single storage device, managed from a single central console, increasing utilisation of hardware resources, improving operating efficiency and reducing costs.

Lifecycle Policy Management

SoftCo Storlife allows for the creation and enforcement of content retention policies that determine how long specific types of information, documents or records are stored. The ability to set retention policies at the series or storage level allows compliance officers, records managers or storage administrators to meet the relevant corporate governance or regulatory compliance standards.

Self-Managing Self-Healing

SoftCo Storlife reduces administrative overhead costs associated with storage management by constantly monitoring storage to detect and repair any faults, automatically re-building damaged content and migrating it to another storage device. SoftCo Storlife also supports the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) which allows the server to be monitored by a network management system.

Accessibility & Integration

Using non-proprietary, open standards-based APIs, SoftCo Storlife can be quickly and easily integrated with third party applications to deliver real-time responsiveness and seamless retrieval of stored content. Working as an integrated component of SoftCo's document and workflow management platform, SoftCo Storlife delivers advanced search features, high speed indexing and query capabilities.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

SoftCo Storlife distributed architecture and replication capabilities enable Systems Managers to design and deploy the appropriate business continuity, back up and disaster recovery strategies. SoftCo Storlife advanced replication features over both local or wide area networks with support for HTTP or TCP/IP protocols, assures fast and reliable replication to online, or offsite facilities.

Distributed, Resilient Architecture

SoftCo Storlife can be deployed as a standard, single server or high end distributed system. With a choice of deployment architectures, System Managers can choose the approval level of performance, scalability and resilience for mission critical applications using configuration options such as network load balanced active/active servers, replicated servers, multiple or parallel servers to ensure there is no single point of failure and provide for automatic failover.

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