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Content Addressed Storage Solutions


SoftCo Storlife's lifecycle management functions enable the implementation of specific policies regarding the retention, disposal, encryption access rights for the specific content types to meet compliance and corporate governance requirements.


SoftCo Storlife - The new generation of Secure, Compliant Storage

SoftCo Storlife is a software-only Content Addressed Storage (CAS) solution providing the superior performance of magnetic disk, while ensuring scalability, resilience and assured content authenticity at a lower cost of ownership. SoftCo Storlife delivers Write Once Read Many (WORM) protection and retrieves information using a digital fingerprint that ensures retrieval of the original unaltered document.

SoftCo Storlife content storage solutions help organisations to securely archive, protect and retrieve information over its entire life cycle. SoftCo Storlife provides real-time information access, while at the same time guaranteeing the integrity and authenticity of the information to comply with regulatory standards and compliance obligations, such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC 17a-4 and the European Data Directive.

Combined with an intuitive 3rd party API and Windows-based server management, SoftCo Storlife allows system administrators to seamlessly scale their storage infrastructure, remove complex storage integration, apply data de-duplication through Single Instance Storage (SIS) and securely replicate to onsite or offsite facilities, to provide for disaster recovery and automatic fail-over. The result is a reduced requirement for storage and network bandwidth, and a significantly lower overall total cost of ownership (TCO).

SoftCo Storlife Components

SoftCo Storlife Components

SoftCo Storlife Server

SoftCo Storlife Server enforces lifecycle management, compliance, security and content storage processes. Read more about SoftCo Storlife?s Storage Functions and Processes.

SoftCo Storlife Manager

Using a web-based centralised management console, system administrators can configure and monitor CAS storage devices, set lifecycle management and compliance policies, schedule important processes and tasks such as verification, replication, access security and content disposal. Read more about SoftCo Storlife?s Storage Management.

SoftCo Storlife API

SoftCo Storlife API provides fast, easy integration using industry standard Application Program Interfaces with third party software applications to securely store and quickly retrieve fixed content. Read more about SoftCo Storlife Integration.

SoftCo Storlife File System Gateway

The SoftCo Storlife FSG allows SoftCo Storlife to present any series (i.e. categories of data to which a storage and retention policy has been applied) as a volume on the SoftCo Storlife server which can then be shared out using Windows permissions. Read more about SoftCo Storlife?s Plug and Play Compliance.

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