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How SoftCo Storlife Works

SoftCo Storlife is a hardware-independent, affordable, high performance compliance & storage software solution that simplifies the management and protection of information over its entire lifecycle. SoftCo Storlife delivers Write Once, Read Many (WORM) protection for content and documents on industry standard magnetic disk storage systems. With significantly faster retrieval times than traditional optical and tape based systems, SoftCo Storlife guarantees the integrity and authenticity of the information to comply with regulatory standards such as SEC17a-4, Sarbanes Oxley and HIPAA.

How it works
  • SoftCo Storlife - How it works

Hardware-Independent CAS Solution

  • SoftCo Storlife server archives content to any RAID, SAN, NAS or iSCSI storage infrastructure.

Access to Multiple Applications & Systems

  • Using an open standard, non-proprietary API, multiple software applications and systems are able to securely archive and retrieve fixed content, documents and records in a single, protected repository.

Fast Online Retrieval

  • As content is received by the SoftCo Storlife Server, a unique digital fingerprint is calculated using an industry standard hashing algorithm (MD5/ SHA-1) based on the unique binary content of the object or file being stored.

Guaranteed Content Authenticity

  • The use of a digital fingerprint while storing and transmitting information guarantees content authenticity and integrity to meet corporate governance and compliance requirements.
  • The digital fingerprint is returned to the application which will use this Content Addressed Storage reference to retrieve the information, document or record in the future.

Content Protection

  • SoftCo Storlife offers content protection and security; WORM protection on magnetic disk devices, FIPS-197(AES) encryption and digital shredding of expired content.

Lifecycle Management

  • SoftCo Storlife enforces regarding the retention, disposal, encryption, and access policies for the specific content types to meet compliance requirements and minimises storage space consumed by obsolete content.

Utilise Existing Hardware Resources

  • Single Instance Storage (SIS) ensures that content is never duplicated by comparing the new digital fingerprint against those already held in the SoftCo Storlife index.
  • SoftCo Storlife's Server Virtualisation technology allows the pooling of physical storage from multiple network devices which are managed from a single central console, increasing utilisation of hardware resources, improving operating efficiency and reducing costs.

Optimise Storage Capacity

  • SoftCo Storlife maximises all available storage capacity. It does not waste a single byte of available storage capacity and is optimised to store both large files and high volumes of small objects.
  • SoftCo Storlife is based on a multi-threaded architecture which results in higher performance and faster retrieval times.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

  • SoftCo Storlife's distributed architecture and replication capabilities enable Systems Managers to design and deploy the appropriate business continuity, back up and disaster recovery strategies.
  • Advanced replication features over either local or wide area networks support both HTTP or TCP/IP protocols and assure fast and reliable replication to online, offsite facilities.

High Volume Retrieval Engine

  • SoftCo Storlife incorporates an optional high performance integrated Retrieval Component delivering advanced search features, high speed indexing, workflow and query capabilities.

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