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Storage Management

SoftCo Storlife Manager allows storage administrators to perform the important configuration, policy setting, scheduling and monitoring tasks required to manage and optimise the SoftCo Storlife Server via an intuitive web-based management console. SoftCo Storlife Manager’s dashboard gives an immediate view on the status of the SoftCo Storlife Server, the storage devices and series types in use and the important tasks that are scheduled to run on the server. In addition to providing administrators with a view on storage utilisation of the SoftCo Storlife Server associated storage devices, the Storage Management and Scheduled Tasks tabs allow administrators to perform important configuration, rule and policy setting tasks required to enforce regulatory compliance and schedule lifecycle management processes such as replication and disposal.

SoftCo Storlife Manager

SoftCo Storlife Manager uses the concept of ‘series types’ or retention classes to set the appropriate rules based on the value of the information and the compliance or corporate governance standards that must be enforced. Series types can be associated with different storage locations or devices to allow administrators to make the best use of their storage infrastructure. For each series type, SoftCo Storlife Manager provides information on storage utilisation levels and enables administrators to predict future storage requirements.

  • Provides immediate view on the status of the SoftCo Storlife Server, storage devices, retention classes and scheduled tasks
  • Provides information on storage utilisation levels to predict future storage capacity requirements
  • Separates policy setting from physical storage, greatly simplifies and reduces the effort involved in meeting regulatory compliance
  • Enforces lifecycle management, retention and compliance policies for different content types
  • Runs regular verification processes to ensure content authenticity and integrity of stored information
  • Reduces network bandwidth utilisation by replicating content on a scheduled basis
  • Recycles storage media by scheduling garbage collection processes
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